Adomas Morkūnas-Budrys


Lithuanian conductor Adomas Morkūnas-Budrys is currently studying in Zürich with one of the most famous conducting professors in the world Johannes Schlaefli. Despite his young age, Adomas has already conducted such orchestras as Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra, Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava, Izmir Philharmonic Symphony, Hradec Philharmonic, Mannheim Chamber and etc., also has received valuable advices in masterclasses from Bernard Haitink, Larry Rachleff, James Lowe and etc. Adomas distinguishes as a passionate conductor with a calm, very focused presence and huge admiration for XX–XXI c. repertoire. As a musician Adomas comes from a very diverse background: he was taught to play violin, viola, clarinet, had music composition, choir conducting lessons. Before he came to Zürich Adomas had studied piano.